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4 Hr. Continuing Education

Notice: and have change the permissions for email and do not allow any emails from info@.  This means that on our systems you cannot change your password.  At this time if you have an or account you will need to use a different personal email to do the online course. 

The TTSA training courses fulfills the 4hr. TDLR requirement of Continuing Education for Tow Truck Drivers in Texas. 

The course is $29.95

*****On the registration page you will establish a username and password.  Your username is your email.  Your email will be attached to your name and TDLR#, so only one email can be used per student. Please be careful typing in your TDLR# this will be attached to the email and printed on your certificate.  If you have taken one of our courses before you will need to reset your password once you have registered regardless of what you put on your registration.

If you do not have an individual email you can sign up for one at:

All courses will satisfy your 4 hr. CE requirement for TDLR.
            * 4 hr. Online Collateral Recovery
            * 4 hr. Online Wheellift Course
            * 4 hr. Online Hybrid Course

Choose a course you would like to take from the drop down box on the registration.

If you have a popup blocker of any sort on your computer, disable it before logging on to your course. This system does not work with Google Chrome, use Explorer or Firefox.

Allow your web browser to see all content on page. We highly recommend not using a phone to take this course.  Not all phones allow all the content to be displayed.  If you register and your phone or tablet does not allow you to see the content, you will not be refunded for the course.

Once you have started the course you may log in and out if you are unable to finish in one session.  It may take a minute or so to load the course once you have logged back on if you are in the middle of the course.


  • For online continuing education, refunds will be issued only in the case of TTSA system issues resulting in the inability for you to complete your course and must be reported within 30 days of registration.

Remember:  Your username is your email.  Your email will be attached to your name and TDLR#, so only one email can be used per student.

If an email is used that has been used by another student your registration will have THEIR TDLR# not yours and you will not get credit for the course.

Please verifiy that the student name and TDLR# match on your registration BEFORE taking the course.
***There will be
no refunds issued for courses taken under a mistaken email.***

If you have taken one of our courses before and do not remember what email you have registered with you may call our office for verification. 866-924-2088

Please read all instructions before applying.

Do not use the 'Back' button at any time during registration.
Do not click out of the registration until your payment has processed and you click "Complete Registration" on top of the payment page.


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