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Nominations & Elections

Nomination on the Floor Form - To be used at the February 1, 2018 1st Qtr. Board Meeting

Nomination by Petition Form - To be used to mail in a nomination.  Must be deiver to TTSA by February 14, 2018


There are 5 new Board Member positions however, all Board positions, with the exception of Past Chairman, are open to members of good standing to be nominated in those positions.

The following is a list of all positions available to have a member be nominated (Positions in BLUE are the new positions.)




Section 8        The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the members and of the Board of Directors. The Chairman may at their discretion and in the best interest of the Association, appoint an Administrator/Executive Director in accordance with the Associations policy and procedures with the approval of the Board of Directors.   The Chairman has one (1) vote on all matters of the Board of Directors.


Section 9        The Vice-Chairman will assist in the duties of the Chairman, including Acting Chairman in the absence of the Chairman.  As Acting Chairman, in the absence of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman takes on all the responsibilities stated in Article V, Section 8, for the duration of the absence of the Chairman.  The Vice-Chairman  has one (1) vote on all matters of the Board of Directors.


Section 10     The Secretary shall record the minutes of each Quarterly Board of Directors Meetings, and other official meetings as directed by the Chairman.  The Secretary has one (1) vote on all matters of the Board of Directors.


Section 11     The Treasurer will maintain the financial records of the Association and issue a report at its Board of Directors and General Membership Meeting.  The Treasurer has one (1) vote on all matters of the Board of Directors.


Section 12     The Immediate Past Chairman chairs the Nominations & Elections Committee.  He or she will have one (1) vote on all matters of the Board of Directors.


Section 13     The Government Affairs Representative chairs the Government Affairs Committee.  The Government Affairs Representative has one (1) vote on all matters of the Board of Directors.


Section 14.    The Education Representative chairs the Education Committee.  The Education Representative has one (1) vote on all matters of the Board of Directors.


Section 15.   The Repossession Representative should be a conduit to the Board of Directors about any concerns or suggestions of the Repossession Industry.  The Repossession Representative has one (1) vote on all matters of the Board of Directors


Section 16.    The Regional Board Members are responsible for keeping the Board of Directors apprised of concerns and issues within their region.  There are five (5) regions for the Association.   Each Regional Board Member has one (1) vote on all matters of the Board of Directors. 


Section 17.    The Public Relations & Communication member is responsible to track and communicate towing stories and communication lines between members, the industry, public entities, etc.


Section 18.   The Membership & Outreach member should make a personal contact to see what each member needs and networking with other stakeholders to draw in new members such as attending training meetings with law enforcement, volunteer fire departments and other groups associated with the towing industry.


Section 19.    The Research & Development member shall research other groups and associations to develop new ideas to enhance the membership of the association and ideas that may allow further participation within the industry.


Section 20     The Events & Meeting Coordinator shall work with the association office to promote open and educational meetings for the general meetings and any events that may enhance the association and industry’s knowledge.


Section 21     The Advisory Position shall work with Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations to bring information to the  Department about issues important to the towing industry and shall be the point person of ideas and changes to the administrative rules and statues.  Also work with other government entities when appropriate to keep the association members up to date on changes that impact the towing industry. 


Each elected Board Member shall take office at the Annual Meeting and serve for a minimum term of two (2) years or until a successor is duly qualified and elected.

There are three ways a member in good standing can be nominated for a position. 

·        You can submit your name and interest in a position to the Nominating Committee through the TTSA office, and they may consider it and add your name to the Voting Ballot. (This does not guarantee that the nominating committee will automatically add your name.)(Must be submitted no later than Feb 14th.)

·        You can be nominated from the floor of the first Board Meeting in an election year.

( 10-2 February 1st, Wingate by Wyndham 1209 I-35, Round Rock, TX 78664, RSVP at TTSA 866-924-2088)

·        Or, you can be nominated by Petition. (Must be submitted by Feb. 14th)

Each of these is laid out in the following section of the TTSA Policy and Procedure Manuel.

VIII. Nominations and Elections

The Nomination Committee will be responsible for considering candidates for each Board of Director position up for election and the administration of the election process, following the guidelines set in TTSA Bylaws, policy and procedures. 

·   All Active members in good standing of TTSA are eligible to be nominated by either the committee, from the floor, or by petition as per TTSA Bylaws, Article IX.

·   There may be one or more candidate(s) nominated for each position.

·   Nominations taken from the floor at the first Board meeting of an election year will be recorded in the meeting minutes.

v The proposed nominees must be an Active member in good standing.

v The request for nomination must be from an Active member in good standing other than nominee and seconded at the time of the nomination. 

v Seconds must be an Active member in good standing and be from another company other than the nominee or the original nominator. 

v The nominee will then be automatically put on the following election ballot.

·   TTSA Board of Directors elections will be held biennially by a Ballot Vote.

·   All nominating and voting results will be kept in the TTSA records.

·   Individual voting members may propose, by petition, names to be added to the TTSA Election Ballot, for positions of the officers to be elected by the voting membership. 

v The proposed nominee must be an Active member in good standing

v A completed petition shall be submitted in a letter to the Nominations Committee Chair, endorsed with the signatures of two (2) Active members in good standing. 

v The outside of the envelope should be marked “Nomination Petition”, to be received at TTSA office, no later than 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting, to be delivered unopened to the Nominations and Elections Committee

v The nominee will then be automatically put on the following election ballot.

·   Ballots shall be made available no later than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting at which elections will occur.


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