HB 2127 Due to the complex issues of this bill, TTSA is asking Jonathan Bruce to come to the TTSA Towing Conference in Katy, TX on June 10, 2023.  He will go over all the new legislation but specifically preemption bills.  He knows more about this issue than anyone else in this State as he sued municipalities and was in contact with other attorneys across the country when the Supreme Court ruled on towing from the Federal Preemption. Jonathan won and Towers have contracts because of it.

PLEASE COME!!! These bills will change the structure of your city or town in many ways. We are gathering information about all aspects of the Automotive Industry that will be impacted by this. – ALL!!!

Update of the 2023 Texas Legislative Session

Review of passed bills 2023 – Click Here


          While in sessions past, there have been times that legislation had a big impact on the towing and storage industry such as setting up licenses in Occupations Code, Chapter 2308 and Occupations Code, Chapter 2303.  Different was the fact that private property towing wasn’t attacked this session.  Unusual!

What we do have is a major shakeup of regulation authority from the state to the political subdivision which had three bills that would impact all licenses and permits in Texas including towing and storage industry however only one passed – HB2127 but is the sweeping bill that carries the weight of preemption to the fullest extent.  It is complicated as many of you will know from our experiences in the past from Preemption by Congress in the 90’s of Motor Carriers including towing and storage.

In June at our TTSA meeting, Jonathan Bruce, an attorney in Houston that several of us retain, will be attending to explain how this impacts the towing and storage industry.  The bill goes into effect on September 1st.  Home Rule Cities are going to sue the state, but smaller political subdivisions may just bow to the Legislature and get out of many licenses including towing and storage.  Again, it is complicated and will certainly go to Courts all over Texas.

You NEED to come and hear what Jonathan has to say.  He is an expert on preemption issues and is in close contact with Mike McGovern.  This will have an impact in some way as the Legislature is taking control of businesses within this state.

There are other bills, too.  One will do away with inspections of motor vehicles, one will do away with paper plates.  There is a lot to digest as we enter the last few days.  LouAnn Wagner will go over what has passed that will change a lot of services within the state.

We thank SWTOW for introducing the Move Over bill and TTSA fully supported and testified for the bill.  CJ worked it, too, for us and it did pass.  HB898. We certainly need to work together.  We will talk about that possibility at the meeting.  I was very thankful for LouAnn’s help during this session!   It is more work than you can understand until you do it.

Take Care!!! Jeanette Rash
Co-Government Affairs Chair

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