Go to   http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/Home.aspx  and put in the bill number to view the complete bill.


Legislative Session has started with a bang, finally!  This has been a slow start but now things are going fast.  There are a lot of bills that we know are coming and some that we have no idea are coming!  TTSA has been working with SWTO on the Private Property Bill and they have agreed to include some concerns we have in the “move over law”.  These are in draft.  TXTA  (trucking)  is authoring a bill on their issues of overcharging, too.

On the list that you have, our main focus is getting an adjustment in the VSF fees every other year based on the CPI-U formula.  This will save time and money for the Department and will move the fee adjustment along in an expedient way as the numbers are based on specific data.  We have worked on a few changes to make it better and there is hope that it will go first and be done first!

Stay tuned!   If we all work together, we can get things done that is needed for the property owners who are our customers and for protection for our tow operators on the highway and a long-overdue fee adjustment.

If you are not a member, please join!  Please pay attention to the bills through Texas Legislature Online for your own tracking.  If you know your state representative or your senator, please let Dana know who that person is.  We may need to get you to contact them both for the good bills and especially for the bad bills.  More to come!!!


Jeanette Rash – jeanetterash@gmail.com

Government Affairs Chair

CLICK HERE  for the list of Bills we are watching this session.  You can start your own bill watch by clicking the link at the top of the page.


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