Update of the 2021 Texas Legislative Session

Yesterday was the deadline for the Governor to take action on bills passed by the 87th Legislature during the Regular Session. As you will see in the attached report, 13 of the 47 bills we tracked became law. Overall, there were 6,927 bills filed during the Session of which 1,073 were passed by the Legislature.  The Governor vetoed 20 bills, therefore, 1,053 bills became law.  Governor Abbott also vetoed the portion of the budget that funds the Texas Legislature and legislative agencies.

The Governor is expected to call at least two Special Sessions before the end of the year.  There will be a Special this summer to address some of the Governor’s priorities such as election reform, bail reform and border wall funding. Additionally, before the end of the fiscal biennium on September 1st, they will need to pass a supplementary appropriations bill to fund the Legislature and legislative agencies.  There will be a Special Session in the Fall after census data is available to redraw Legislative and Congressional districts.

2021 Bill Track Report

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