In order to obtain accurate information about who, what, when, where and why of roadside safety for the towing industry, TTIRS needs you to report every roadside Near Miss or Struck By incident.

• Did you know tow operators are one of the ONLY first responders at aroadside scene that must park their vehicle in front of the work zonein order to provide service?

• How many times have you provided roadside service without a vehicleparked behind the work zone as a safety buffer?

• Have you ever been on the side of the road and had to jump out of the wayof an oncoming vehicle? That’s called a Near Miss.

• Have you, your tow truck or the vehicle you were attempting to tow beenstruck while on the side of the road? That is called a Struck By.

Please report PAST and PRESENT, Near Misses and Struck Bys.Your participation is crucial. It will provide our industry with the hard data needed to support Move Over enforcement and to help develop training to make our roadside work safer for the towing industry.

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