2020 Board Elections

Section 1        The Nomination Committee will be responsible for considering candidates for each Board of Director position up for election and the administration of the election process, following the guidelines set in the Associations policy and procedures.
Section 2       There may be one or more candidate(s) nominated for each position.
Section 3         Nominations from the floor will be taken at the first Board meeting of an election year.  These nominees must be Active Members in good standing. The request for nomination must be from an Active Member in good standing other than nominee and seconded at the time of the nomination.  Seconds must be an Active Member in good standing and be from another company other than the nominee or the original requester.  The nominee will then be automatically put on the following election ballot.
Section 4        Nominations by Petition
Individual voting members may propose, by petition, names to be added to the Association Election Ballot, for positions of the officers to be elected by the voting membership.  The completed petition shall be submitted in a letter to the Nominations Committee Chair, endorsed with the signatures of two (2) Active members in good standing.  The outside of the envelope should be marked “Nomination Petition”, to be received at the Association office, no later than 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting, to be delivered unopened to the Nominations and Elections Committee.
Our General Meeting  on May 16, 2020 has been canceled due to COVID-19 concerns.
For questions or a copy of our By Laws please call the office at 832-585-0138

TTSA General Meeting on ELD’s

The TTSA Fall General Meeting on ELD’s was fantastic.  Sgt. Reid of Texas Highway Patrol and Sean Furman from KeepTruckin both gave informative information about ELD ‘s and other Texas laws that everyone needs to know.  I have attached a pdf copy of the presentations that they gave.  Our next General meeting will be in the Spring so stay tuned for those dates.

ELD’s short Haul Towing with LE – Sgt. Reid

What ELD-KeepTruckin – Sean Furman

Boat & Motor Storage Liens – Texas Parks and Wildlife

At the April General Meeting Julie Aronow, of the Texas Parks and Wildlife, gave us valuable information about Storage Foreclosure Liens for Boats & Motors.   Click HERE for the handout with procedures.  For a closer detailed pdf of the Sold under Statutory Lien Foreclosure Matrix – Click HERE

For more information about Boat & Motor Titles and Registrations with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Click HERE

Attorney General Opinion on Release of Vehicle without proof of Financial Reponsibility

2017 Environmental (Disposal) Survey
Click Here to Print

Attorney General Opinion August 2015
Impounded vehicle release with lack of financial responsibility.
Read full opinion here.

Under constitutionally reasonable circumstances, peace
officers of the state, including those working for local law
enforcement agencies and municipalities, may impound a vehicle to
protect the public safety when the driver fails to provide evidence of
financial responsibility. A home-rule municipality, and likely a
general-law municipality, has authority to adopt an ordinance
regarding the impoundment of vehicles for the offense of lack of
financial responsibility provided that such an ordinance is not in
conflict with any statute and also conforms to any constitutional
A court would likely conclude that a municipality may not
condition release of a vehicle impounded for lack of evidence of
financial responsibility upon presentation of such evidence to a
vehicle storage facility.


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