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TTSA Fall Towing Conference 10.2.21

Join us for our Fall Towing Conference October 2, 9a-1p
Round Rock, TX  For more information CLICK HERE!

  • TDLR Rules Changes…What and When?
  • What is the proactive approach to protect your business much like the reason we use to buy good insurance but no longer can afford it in many cases?
  • What happens in litigation? How will House Bill 19 impact the system and what does it do to help small business?
  • What is the proactive approach a business can take?
  • Is there another type of insurance that can be bought or should be bought to protect owners?
  • What shouldn’t you do in business? What are the mistakes that are made?

VSF Interactive pdf Handbook

The attached pdf link has been put together by Todd Forrester (TDLR) to help navigate VSF Rules.  These may not answer all your questions but it covers most of all the day to day situations.  Please call us at 832-585-0138 for any other VSF question you may have.

11420 VSF compliance manual

COVID-19 CDC Posters

Below are links to printable pdf’s that you may use for your office/business from the CDC.  Make your employees aware of changing policies as some parts of the state may open.


10 Things to do to Manage Symptoms

COVID-19 Fact Sheet

COVID-19 Symptoms List



Feeling Sick? Stay Home!


Effective Jan. 1 2020 New VSF Storage Rates

TDLR’s new Rule on Storage Rate increases goes into effect November 1, 2019.  However, the effective date to charge new fees is Jan. 1, 2020

TDLR adopts New Rule:

HB1140 –


TXDOT Equipment Lighting Standards.

2019 Legislative Session now allows for Blue Lights on Tow Trucks.  See TXDOT Memo for more information

Texas Tow Hearing Flow Chart

Attached is a flow chart of procedures for a Texas Tow Hearing.

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Boat & Motor Storage Liens – Texas Parks and Wildlife

At the April General Meeting Julie Aronow, of the Texas Parks and Wildlife, gave us valuable information about Storage Foreclosure Liens for Boats & Motors.   Click HERE for the handout with procedures.  For a closer detailed pdf of the Sold under Statutory Lien Foreclosure Matrix – Click HERE

For more information about Boat & Motor Titles and Registrations with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Click HERE

TDLR Slow Down Move Over Press Release

TDLR has issued a press release on Texas’s Slow Down Move Over Law.  See full release below.

SDMO TDLR press release


A New Species of Insurance Fraud: Flipping
How to Identify It, Investigate It, and Prosecute It

Michael Shirk, prosecutor for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, has written an article on the procedure of flipping vehicles.  You can Click Here to read it.