Our Spring Towing Conference:
April 27, 2023
Hyatt Austin/Cedar Park
1315 E. New Hope Dr.
Cedar Park, TX 78641

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FTC Federal Rule & FMCSA Comments

16 CFR Part 464
Trade Regulation Rule on Unfair or
Deceptive Fees

To Read the FTC register that FMCSA Comments please click the link below.
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New 2024 VSF Rates

REMINDER: Texas Vehicle Storage Facilities your Impound and Storage Fees go up today. To find all the Rules and the new storage fees go to: https://www.ttsa.org/…/05/121323-compliance-manual.pdf Or go to: www.ttsa.org on the Home page scroll down to Resources and you may download the updated VSF Compliance Manual.

TXDOT Equipment Lighting Standards.

2019 Legislative Session now allows for Blue Lights on Tow Trucks.  See TXDOT Memo for more information

Texas Tow Hearing Flow Chart

Attached is a flow chart of procedures for a Texas Tow Hearing.

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Boat & Motor Storage Liens – Texas Parks and Wildlife

At the April General Meeting Julie Aronow, of the Texas Parks and Wildlife, gave us valuable information about Storage Foreclosure Liens for Boats & Motors.   Click HERE for the handout with procedures.  For a closer detailed pdf of the Sold under Statutory Lien Foreclosure Matrix – Click HERE

For more information about Boat & Motor Titles and Registrations with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Click HERE

TDLR Slow Down Move Over Press Release

TDLR has issued a press release on Texas’s Slow Down Move Over Law.  See full release below.

SDMO TDLR press release


A New Species of Insurance Fraud: Flipping
How to Identify It, Investigate It, and Prosecute It

Michael Shirk, prosecutor for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, has written an article on the procedure of flipping vehicles.  You can Click Here to read it.

Texas Certification Test Now In Spanish

You can now sign up for a Spanish version of the Study Guide and Certification Test.

Go to the Test Registration to sign up.

Attorney General Opinion on Release of Vehicle without proof of Financial Reponsibility

2017 Environmental (Disposal) Survey
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Attorney General Opinion August 2015
Impounded vehicle release with lack of financial responsibility.
Read full opinion here.

Under constitutionally reasonable circumstances, peace
officers of the state, including those working for local law
enforcement agencies and municipalities, may impound a vehicle to
protect the public safety when the driver fails to provide evidence of
financial responsibility. A home-rule municipality, and likely a
general-law municipality, has authority to adopt an ordinance
regarding the impoundment of vehicles for the offense of lack of
financial responsibility provided that such an ordinance is not in
conflict with any statute and also conforms to any constitutional
A court would likely conclude that a municipality may not
condition release of a vehicle impounded for lack of evidence of
financial responsibility upon presentation of such evidence to a
vehicle storage facility.


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AG Paxton: Texas Wins Final Judgment in “Overtime Rule” Case

AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton today announced that Texas, Nevada and 19 other states, won a final judgment from a federal district court ruling that invalidates the U.S. Department of Labor’s unlawful Overtime Rule. The Obama-era edict more than doubled the salary threshold for a worker to be entitled to overtime, which would force many state and local governments, as well as private businesses, to substantially increase their employment costs.

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